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Lori Halligan

Dear Brian,
Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you!

These words seem inadequate to express our appreciation for all you’ve done to complete our gorgeous outdoor garden.  Without you, we would still be scratching our heads, breaking our backs and trying to install a wall and patio.  Instead, we have an outdoor room with beauty and sophistication.

Thank you for your donation of time and expertise to install the patio, retaining wall and drainage system.  You spent almost 3 months of your time on our landscape project.  I know in the scheme of the work you do, the Hinsdale Humane Society is a tiny project.  But the impact for our shelter, including the people and the dogs, is huge!  We have a beautiful space we will be able to enjoy for years.  And because of your influence with Tim Wallace Landscape Supply Company, we have money left in our budget to spend on the animals to make them more adoptable.

Again, we express our most sincere gratitude for your leadership in creating the outdoor garden.  First, I give you a standing ovation.  Now I’m going to go outside to relax in our memorial garden.

As an organization that receives no tax monies to assist with our operations, we are dependent upon, and grateful for, the generosity of concerned people like you.  In accordance with IRS regulations we confirm that the Hinsdale Humane Society did not provide you with any goods or services in exchange for your contribution. We appreciate your contribution of “in-kind” goods and services.

Lori Halligan, Executive Director

Scott and Jenn Jucovics

BK Brick built our retaining wall last summer.  The wall turned out better than our expectations and we were surprised that they were able to complete the project in such a short time.  They started early, were respectful of our preexisting landscaping and were very professional.  I recommend BK Brick to friends and neighbors and I already have plans to have them come back and do some more work in our back yard.

Scott and Jenn Jucovics

Travis & Tracey Scruggs

Brian came to us highly recommended and is a true professional in every aspect. His knowledge and creativity is among the best we have seen. Brian has the drive and energy necessary to see complex projects through to completion, guiding his employees and clients through the entire process. Brian has worked on several projects for us, including multiple retaining walls, a sidewalk, a light pillar, and a mailbox.  We highly recommend his work and he is a pleasure to do business with.

Travis & Tracey Scruggs

Steve and Yogi Martin

Brian came highly recommended from friends of ours and he did not disappoint. His price quote was very fair and reasonable. He and his team were truly committed to making our retainer wall look perfect. They started early and completed the project the same day by sunset. Brian came back the following week to make sure everything was done to our liking. It's of my opinion, that Brian and his team at BK Bricks treats every project as if they're working on their own home. You can truly see that they care by going beyond our expectations and delivering on time. Everything is lined up perfectly level and you can't find any imperfections if you tried. During the clean up process, they went beyond the call of duty and fixed little things that were not even discussed at no charge. I love that!!! A job done right the first time that lasts and at an awesome price. What more can you ask for? Brian and BK Bricks has my recommendation all the way. 5 stars!!!! Easy to work with, great price, and you KNOW you're going to get a professional final product.

Steve and Yogi Martin


BK Brick installed some paver bricks around our air conditioning unit over 5 years ago. Not only does it still look great but it looks 100% better then my neighbors who did it themselves!! Since then we had more brick added to the front of our house to enhance the look and help with drainage. The work was completed on time. The workers were friendly and cleaned up after the job was finished. We highly recommend their services!

Eric & Alefiyah Lindo

Lori Halligan

Brian Karalow,

A HUGE THANK YOU for our memorial garden and all your hard work over the weekend!!!  I can’t tell you how excited we are about the beautiful addition to our space.  It’s like we added an outdoor room!

We are going to press in the next two days with our newsletter, and we want to include the attached article.  Could you please review the last paragraph for the donations?  I don’t want to forget anyone or have misspellings.  Do I have your listings correct?  Cris, who donated the boulders?  Please give me any additions or corrections as soon as possible. We will also issue tax letters to you and the other donors for your materials and services.

Thank you so much for everything you’ve done on this project.  The benches should be here in the next couple of days.  We will need to coordinate volunteers for plantings October 24-25.  Also, will need to determine what to do with leftover materials.  Please let me know what you’ll need from me.


Lori Halligan,
Director of Operations
Hinsdale Humane Society

Jeff and Erin Martin

Brian and I are good friends for over 20 years. His work ethics and drive for perfection are displayed in his work. When I bought my house I knew I wanted to utilize Brian and his team to do my patio. Brian and his team started work early at the crack of dawn. They knocked out a patio, designed by Brian and me together, in one weekend. My wife and I use our new outdoor living space for entertaining and relaxing around a fire pit. We couldn't be more excited.

Jeff and Erin Martin