Authorized Contractor

The most important decision of all is choosing the right contractor for the job

Workmanship Matters

The long term performance of a paver project depends on high quality workmanship below the surface.

When it comes to hiring a contractor, the lowest price is rarely the best choice. When comparing one contractor’s project estimate to another, make sure you’re comparing apples to apples in terms of installation methods, materials and the level of service provided.

When planning a hardscaping project, there are dozens of important decisions – amoung them: choosing the right brand, the right color and the right style. The most important decision of all is choosing the right contractor for the job. The truth is, even the best designs and materials can be ruined by poor installation and workmanship.

Quality Workmanship – Guaranteed

Unilock Authorized Contractors are part of an elite group whose work and business practices have met demanding standards. Unilock conducts on-site inspections of the contractor’s work and conducts client satisfaction reference checks before a contractor is considered for the program. Once Unilock Authorized Contractor status is granted, these inspections continue annually, and the contractor must re-affirm that they will continue to:

  • Construct all projects in accordance e with the Unilock Installation Standards
  • Follow the Unilock Authorized Contractor Code of Ethics
  • Participate in continuing education courses
  • Offer a minimum two-year workmanship guarantee

In fact, Unilock believes so strongly in the quality of the workmanship and integrity of contractors in the program, that should a Unilock Authorized Contractor be unable or refuse to fulfill their warranty obligations, Unilock will step in and back their warranty.

Expect More

Unilock Authorized Contractors are true professionals who are experienced in proper site preparation, grading, base materials and compaction so you can rest assured that your project will look great and structurally perform for years to come. But that’s not all - with a Unilock Authorized Contractor you can expect:

  • Knowledgeable design advice
  • A comprehensive estimate
  • Quality base materials and installation practices
  • A great looking project that stands the test of time